What is SKGL?

SKGL was an early version of a licensing system used to protect applications targeting the .NET Framework. It was developed in 2011. SKGL became popular due to its simplicity. However, it had several drawbacks, such as being platform dependent, using insecure cryptography and being decentralized.

Cryptolens replaces SKGL

Using all the feedback that we received and taking an advantage of the cloud, we developed a clould based platform. In contrast to SKGL, it is:

  • platform independent - at the time of writing, we support all .NET targeting languages and C++ (for both Windows and Linux).
  • secure cryptography - we use modern cryptographic methods, such as RSA and AES, as well as abide by modern security practices.
  • centralized - with your account, you have access to all license keys and customers in one place, anywhere and anytime.

In addition, we have added many more new features such as payment integration and analytics, and we keep adding new features based on your feedback all the time.

Get started with Cryptolens

How to obtain SKGL (legacy)

We do not recommend to use SKGL mainly due to the security issues it has. Instead, we strongly recommend to sign up for a Cryptolens account. If you still want to use it, the link is provided below: