User Account Authentication

User account authentication is currently being updated. Please check back in the coming weeks.

User login authentication allows your customers to use a user account instead of typing in a long license key. This makes licensing more convenient for your customers and makes it easier for you to manage license rights of each customer.

Actions taken by your customer

Once your customer already has associated their account with the customer object (you can see them here), there are three simple steps they have to go through:

  1. Open the application and click on the login button
  2. Authorize the current application in a browser
  3. Done! Once they return to the app, all the features that they are entitled to will unlock.

Actions taken by you (the vendor)

As a vendor, there are three steps that will make it possible for your customers to use this seamless feature:

  1. Create a new customer object and tick the Enable Customer Association box. (we will add support to our Web API soon)
  2. Send the link that is displayed to your customer.
  3. Done! Now, they both have access to a control panel to manage their licenses and they can also login into any of your apps that support this functionality.

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