Payment Integration


Cryptolens core functionality has always been the software licensing API, which keeps track of what features your customers are entitled to, how long they can use your software, etc. Since Cryptolens is a cloud-based application, you can easily integrate it with other services, including those that process payments.

There are four ways to integrate payments with Cryptolens: calling our API manually, using our Zapier app with your payment provider, using payment forms or the new recurring payments.


If the payment provider that you plan to use offers Zapier apps, this is an easier implementation route to take instead of having to maintain your own code that links Cryptolens together with the payment platform. You can check out the Zapier actions and triggers that Cryptolens supports on this page.

Calling the API

If you would like to integrate payments with a platform that does not have native support in Cryptolens, you can easily do that using the Web API. Please check out the following page to see what methods can be called to change a license.

If you sell your application with a one-time fee, you only need to call the Create Key method. Our integrations with both SendOwl and GetDPD use the same approach.

Payment Forms

Payment Forms are an easy way to get started with payments, particularly useful for selling products on a perpetual basis or with manual upgrades on a recurring basis. They are built-in into Cryptolens and support both Stripe and Payment for payment processing.

Recurring Payments (Stripe)

The aim of the recurring payment feature is to make subscriptions more seamless by combining Cryptolens license engine with Stripe. Your customers provide a card once and after that payments will occur on a regular basis, without them having to constantly remember to upgrade.