Custom interface


Recurring billing module consists of two parts:

  • an interface that allows your customers to manage subscriptions.
  • a Stripe webhook endpoint that ensures that subscriptions in Stripe stay in sync with the licenses in Cryptolens.

If you want to manage subscriptions through your own interface, you can still take advantage of our webhook endpoint.


The webhook endpoint only requires that each subscription in Stripe has a metadata field skm_key_globalid set to the GlobalId of a license key. This makes it possible for Cryptolens to tell which license key should be extended or blocked based on subscription related events.

Implementation tips

The first time you set up a subscription, we recommend the following sequence of events:

  1. Create a new subscription and add skm_temp_var as metadata. The variable can contain anything (as long as it is not empty).
  2. Call Create Key and record the Key.
  3. Call GetKey with the KeyString set to Key(from step 2) and ProductId set to the product that is associated with the subscription. Record the GlobalId.
  4. Update the subscription by setting skm_key_globalid to the GlobalId (from step 3) and remove skm_temp_var by setting it to empty string.

This should be it!