It is possible to use data objects on the product level to change the default behaviour of certain methods as well as adjust how licenses are shown. On this page, we have listed the different data objects that can be created and the value that they accept.

List of configurations

 cryptolens_unblockextendedlicenses If the string value is set to true, when a blocked license is extended (either through the dashboard or the API), it will automatically be unblocked.
 cryptolens_trialactivation By default, start countdown upon activation will extend the time-limit of the license each time a new device is registered. If you want to extend the license only for the first activation, set the string value to first_activation.
 cryptolens_orderby The string value can be used to specify how to order licenses on the product page. For example, setting the string value to Created (descending) will order all licenses based on the creation date in descending order.
 cryptolens_featuretemplate The string value can be used to specify the feature template.
 cryptolens_dobjreset The string value can be used to automatically reset int value of data objects inside the license keys of the product. The string value is the list of objects, where the object provides information on what type of data objects should be reset and how often. For example, cryptolens_dobjreset can be set to [{"Name":"credits", "Freq":1, "Default":5}], which will set the int value of all data objects (associated with a license key inside the product) to 5 every day whose name is "credits". The "Freq" value can be set to e.g. 2, which will mean every second day, 3 meaning every third day, etc. Since this is a list, you can reset data objects with a different names as well. For example, to reset "credit" every day and "credit2" every second day, you can set cryptolens_dobjreset (on the product level) to [{"Name":"credit", "Freq":1, "Default":5}, {"Name":"credit2", "Freq":2, "Default":5}].