Talking to Web API

Web API can be thought of as a channel that can be used to talk to Cryptolens Platform from your application and third party services. It contains a wide range of methods, which allow you to activate keys, create new ones, analyse usage data, and so much more.

Cryptolens Client APIs

This is a set of client libraries that you can add into your project to faciliate license key verification. You can find out more here.

Direct Communication

If you are targeting a language for which there is no client library, you can still take advantage of the functionality of Cryptolens’s Web API. For example, in order to retrieve key information in JSON, you can call


You can find more here.

Next steps

You’ve now learned about the basic concepts of Cryptolens. Here’s what’s next:

  1. Get started with a pratical implementation
  2. Learn more about possible licensing models
  3. Understand GDPR and its implications