Zapier integration

You can access our Zapier app at


To authenticate, you will need an access token with the following permissions:

  • Get Web API Log
  • Create Key


New License Key trigger

This trigger will listen for all license key creation events and return the following object for each newly created license:

  "id": 47720990,
  "productId": 3941,
  "ip": "",
  "time": 1614705487,
  "state": 3010,
  "machineCode": null,
  "friendlyName": "",
  "floatingExpires": 0,
  "doIntValue": 0,
  "doId": 0

The most useful fields from this response are productId (tells you the ID of the product), key (the license key string that you can send to your customers) and time (when the event occurred). The other fields can be disregarded.

Create Key action

This action will call the Create Key method and return a new license key. Below is an example response: