Restricted accounts

Note: The restricted accounts requires a separate subscription. Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Operator accounts allow you to grant your employees restricted access to your dashboard. This is useful if you want to prevent them to accidentally remove product or an access token, while still allow them to perform necessary changes to licenses, etc.

All operations performed by the user will be logged in the Object log.

Getting started

Adding an operator

To invite an employee to sign up for an operator account, you can share the link on the operators page. When they have signed up, they will not have any access by default, so you will need to add this afterwards.

Modifying permissions

Once an employee has signed up, you will be able to grant them permission by clicking on Modify on operators page.

In most cases, we would recommend to give them two permissions: edit permission for products and owner permission for customers. Resource Id should be set to 0 in most cases. You only need to set it if you want to restrict access to a specific product or customer only.


In this section we describe what your employees can do with different permission levels.

Access Type

There are three different access types that you can assign to a user. Note, extra permission is given to users depending on the resource they have permission to, which is covered in Resources.


The user can only view the object.


The user can edit the object but not remove it.


The user can add new and remove existing objects.


In this section we cover extra permission given to users depending on the resource.


In addition to the permission granted based on the access types described earlier, users will get extra permission to other objects depending on the access type.


Users will get read-only access to see all license keys, machine code and data objects (associated with the product, a license key or machine code).

Edit & Owner

Users will be able to add and modifying the aforementioned objects. Moreover, they will also be able to create new customers when creating a new license key (although they won’t see existing customers if they don’t have a separate permission to view customers).


No special permission is granted beyond what is defined under Access Type.


No special permission is granted beyond what is defined under Access Type. For now, the analytics portal only supports read-only mode, so edit or owner permissions don’t give any extra access.


Allows users to manage billing information, access invoices, etc. View permission allows only viewing what is stored whereas Edit allows to change the pricing tier, the attached card, etc.

Resource Id

When this is set to zero, the user will have access to all products of that type. If you set it to be an id of an object (eg. product id), the user will only be granted the specified permission for that object.