Manual activation of a large number of machines


Note: All related files and scripts can be found on this page.

If you do not want your customers to automatically be able to activate new machines, you can ask their IT dept to send you the list of machine codes of the computers where your software will run in advance, so that you can activate these on your end. In this folder, we have compiled the scripts that can be useful to support this use case. To sum up, we need to solve two problems:

  1. Easily compute the machine code on the end user device.
  2. Automatically go through the list and activate all the devices.

Computing the machine code

In order to obtain the machine code of the current machine, IT dept can run a script that obtains the machine code and friendly name of the device.

PowerShell script

The machinecodescript.ps1 PowerShell script gives the same result as calling Helpers.GetMachineCodePI() in the .NET client library. The script will also append the machine name next to the machine code.

In order to run this script, they may need to change the execution policy to “remote signed”, which can be done with the following command:

set-executionpolicy remotesigned

If they cannot change the execution policy to removesigned, you can use the cmd script below:

Cmd script

The machinecodescriptsha256.bat cmd script gives the same result as calling Helpers.GetMachineCodePI(v:2) in the .NET client library. The same machine code will also be generated in the Python client, provided that Helpers.GetMachineCode is called with v=2.

Verifying the license key

In the key verification example, we use Activate to verify a license. This method will automatically activate new machines, as long as the max number of machines limit has not been reached. To prevent activation of new machines, GetKey method can be used instead. It is called with the same parameters as Activate. The machine code parameter does not need to be provided.

Note: when using GetKey, it is important to check that the license key is not blocked. Activate does that by default, but when using GetKey, it needs to be done on the client side.

Script to automatically activate all the machines

You can activate the list of devices using the following extension:

Each device/machine code should be separated by a new line. A line can contain either a machine code or a machine code together with the friendly name, separated by a tab (\t) character.