Troubleshooting guide


In this guide, we have listed the most common errors and how they can be solved. If the error would persist, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Common problems

Products are not showing up

If the products are not showing up, it means the product in Stripe is missing skm_product_id metadata parameter, which should be set to the product id of your product in Cryptolens. More documentation about this is available here.

Products show up but not the plans

If the product names are showing up but not the plans, it means the Pricing tiers in Stripe are missing skm parameter in the metadata with information about the type of license to create. Please check out this article

The Stripe webhook fails with 500 error

If the Stripe webhook keeps failing with an 500 error, the issue is one the following:

  • The signing secret is incorrect - typically, this error occurs if you first used Stripe’s test environment and then did not update the signing secret when moving to the live environment. We recommend to re-create the webhook and update the signing secret as described here.
  • The API version of the webhook is incorrect - Our Stripe webhook listener uses the webhook version 2018-09-06. At the time of writing, such webhook can only be created using Stripe’s API. The solution is to re-create the webhook as described here.