Inviting team members

To invite your team members to your account, you can use the Authorized admins feature. This will give every team member that you invite admin access to your account. If you want to customize the access and have an audit log of every operation, we recommend to check out restricted accounts.

Note: You need a premium subscription to use this feature.

Getting started

To invite a team member, please visit Authorized admins page and enter the email address where you would like the invite to be sent.

Note: before your team member can accept the invite, they need to have a Cryptolens account. Their account does not have to have an active subscription.

Once they have an account, they can follow the link and they will automatically be added to your account.

To access your account, they can visit the main page and and click on your name in the top right corner. They will now have access to your account.


Below is a summary of frequently asked questions. If you would have any other questions, please reach out to us at!

Why did my team member receive an account expiration email?

The account expiration emails can be safely disregarded if they have been sent to your team members. Only the production account (where you have all products and licenses) should have a subscription. Your team member only needs a subscription if they plan to create their own products.